Sounds of screams are heard through the night. High School Today is "the national voice of education-based athletic and fine arts activities." During Miles and Stella's time in San Lorenzo, Arnold was born in an abandoned temple that was near the foot of an active volcano. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them & when she finally made it out, security was there to assist her. Every night at exactly 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. when closing u can hear screams in the freezer of the man in the blue shirt. Simmons, who's listed as 6-foot-6 and 305 pounds, started all 13 games as a redshirt freshman for the Aztecs at right tackle. Also, on more than one occasion, late at night, doors that normally open easily will be impossible to open, as if a ton of bricks is on the other side of the door. Immediately, they took off running. Lights switch on and off during presentations done for students, seats pull down and come up when no one is sitting next to you, and if alone in the theater practicing for a show, "George" loves to play lighting tricks on you. East Quimby Road San Lorenzo High School Attn: Veterans Memorial Program 50 East Lewelling Boulevard San Lorenzo, CA 94580 Telephone: 510/317-3100 x. If you want you can spend a night or so in Miss Mary Lakes Room. The band can now be heard on the first day of school at night where they met when they were freshman. Haunted by male ghost that throws books around. Glimpses of San Lorenzo are first . There have been no records of any students dying at this school. March 2008 update: The hospital was torn down, there are no new official reports since being owned by Lucasfilm. San Lorenzo, CA 94580 Tel: (510) 317-3000 SAVE SCHOOL San Lorenzo High School serves 1,327 students in grades 9-12. Useful Links. So here is a list of the most ("reportedly") haunted places in the Bay Area. Students say they hear his cart being pushed around during night time. Several of the hotel employees report getting calls from Room 1007 at the front desk, but when they investigate, the room is always empty. Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own. The supposed "white witch of Niles" actually follows the scenario of a common fake ghost story, that being the "hitchhiking ghost" story. However, the people were able to come in and out through a secret passageway. When the place is empty you can hear foot steps, things get moved around. (His ghost was the Inspiration to the Story Peter Pan) written in 1900. When you turn to see if he is behind you he is gone. / KBCW 44 San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Employees report finding toys in aisles when opening up the store in the morning, and balls rolling down aisles when nobody else is around, and bicycles being ridden around at night. Miss Mary Lake was the teacher. Also, many windows are busted out and it is musty, graffiti-filled, and very spooky. Now people say they here screams & gun shots, they don't return. Watch Later. Apparitions seen. - "B" Building 3rd Floor North of the B building Over the years, a number of people residing on the hall have experienced waking up from a dead sleep and feeling as though they were being strangled and held to their bed as they tried to sit up. Donald Fischer 1957-1961. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Some say they have seen ghosts walking around and playing in the room. There is a rumor of an old Insane Asylum at the very end of this road. Strange noises heard on the video when played back. Its is a ghost. For more info go to for a longer explanation. It has been rumoured that the San Lorenzo High School -D-Hall in San Lorenzo, California is a haunted location. Mini- rockslides will occur in strange spots, you will find yourself in cold spots and see dark shadows, as you reach the circle clearing, stop and listen for a few minutes. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. Naliyah Martinez-Truso, 17 years old, who recently graduated from San Lorenzo High School goes through her yearbook and school memorabilia showing rebel and confederate mascots on Thursday . Now his spirit haunts the theater. Toys R Us is haunted supposedly by a young boy or man, believed to be Jonny Jonson (pronounced Yonny Yonson), a farm worker. if you don't feel like getting out of your car, it is scary just to drive through in the dark. She doesn't bother people, but she REALLY scares them and always misplaces workers badges and keys. Most of the haunting happen in the bar area of this restaurant. The woman heard a noise & opened it. July 2005 Update: It is now a Chinese Restaurant. Always seek permission before entering private property. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. Trying to keep anything at San Lorenzo High . At one time a new phone system was installed, and within a week it completely shut down, the engineers could not even explain it and while calls were being put on hold he would disconnect every call on hold! The bike has no wheels and you cant see his face. The Blue Lady is a friendly and mischievous spirit. When it gets dark, people had reports that they had seen a ghost. some people say you can even see him running down the bleachers. Located at the corner of Sutter And Octavia (pictured), the Queen Anne Hotel is an elegant Victorian style hotel, which dates back to the 1890's. once they started letting the story out to there friends and family they found out the story about the loot of Joaquin Murri eta, from time to time people still report seeing the ghost on Morgan Territory Rd. Pub. This repository of the dead is not only wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well. He's been dead for 10 years. It is believed to be haunted by Sarah and the spirits of those who were killed by Winchester's guns. Letterman Hospital (Now site of LucasFilm). Tennyson High School. The hotel was reportedly a brothel owned by a Madame. For more info go to for a longer explanation. Chitactac-Adams Interpretive Center, on Watsonville Road, is the site of an Indian burial grounds now buried under the asphalt parking lot, drivers have reported that at night while driving by, that their air conditioners in their cars will suddenly turn on & blast cold air upon them. Tanya Addison 1983-1987. Two men and a woman. A former student reported that when he and his friends would sit in the 3rd floor hallway nearest the back stairway that lead to a dead end wall. A week later after seeing this one of the witnesses was in the lighting booth. Some also say she moves vending machines, tosses chairs and desks. The current hotel was built with bricks from that hotel. Children sometimes come out crying saying they saw someone when there was no one there. A male & female who are not shy. All visions of his spirit were blurry because they said that there was lack of lighting inside the location. EAST SAN JOSEMount Hamilton Grandview Restaurant. If you like to take hikes, this is the place to go. Patients used to be tortured and killed there, and it's abandoned now. These stables are located behind Yearba Buena HS. The people on the street brought the little girl in to the restaurant where she died. She hung her parents in the barn. The dressing room's lights tend to turn on and off of their own accord to the sounds of a girl's laughter. If you pull into the driveway towards the end of the cemetery and shine your headlights you will see a white figure coming towards you. The Sanitarium It is said that many witnesses have heard the sound of children playing while students are in class. Reportedly haunted by a little girl on the third floor. She died and her spirit did not rest. will not enter the building. When in the office, we would hear loud crashes in the stock room, but when we would look on the camera, no one would be there. So we need people like you to help us document them. Supposedly, a class of children were taking a field trip. He ran her over and killed her without noticing that the cherry stains on the tractor was actually blood. He later looked for her and found her dead cut up where D-Hall is now. In the bell tower reports of past Jesuits are seen praying. A little girl went to a party she got mad at her parents. In 1931, the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts was known as Las Vegas High School. There is a report of a police officer being killed there; possibly either right before the restaurant opened or right after the grand opening, there was a botched robbery and shoot out. There are always cold spots to be felt, and the sense of someone watching, it's a calming feeling, not creepy at all! Reports a gray figure coming out of the men's bathroom and disappear through the wall on the other side of the hall. There is a ghost carriage haunting the road behind this residence hall as well as Ethal Moore Hall. Kaufman Auditorium the house is now Property of the city of Clayton in down town Clayton behind the library. This road is haunted by the Quimby Jogger. Also a heard calls out for help from the basement. In life, her name was Mary. When asked to finish their job by their employer, they "absolutely" refused to ever go back! Hail Mary. Their was a little girl with her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped back & fell onto the guys. Reports of 3 spirits here. There are reports that when people are alone in there they get cold chills, and hear knocking and scratching when no one was around. and no one is allowed to go in. There are 2 ghosts that haunt this building. It is reported from several students that a teenage girl from the age of 15-18 (believed to be named "Jennifer")has been seen and heard looking for her boyfriend by the name of Adrian. Out of the corner of your eyes at night, you see something run down the hall and around the corner. Ghosts are seen near Robinson Hall around 10pm. Tags 1972 Texas Rangers A girl went into the basement to get boxes and was violently shoved from behind her when she turned around there was no one there. People will get pulled over and get speeding tickets by this guy, but when they go to file it through the courts they'll find out that the officer listed doesn't exist. A woman dressed in blue is reported walking around on the second floor of the building and the owner and his family claimed to have seen her too. Also heard, a faint/deep voice when he is around. 3 people who work in the hotel's bar area say that things like glasses have moved by themselves mysteriously. Donations are encouraged. EVPs recorded picking up a strange heavy breathing that seemed to be from a woman, and a strange feeling of not being alone. The theater is no longer Open. According to the first journalist to report on the supposed haunting, about ten years after the date in the 1920's when the woman was popularly held to have died, there was no mention of anyone dying in an accident in the canyon, and county records of the time listed no account of the body of anyone who had supposedly died in Niles Canyon. This restaurant over look the entire Silicon Valley and has been known to light up on its own when nobody is there. The history however, behind George is he has been ever present since the has been built. The cemetery is now closed, but even in the daytime, electronics will shut off, start on own, loud moans can be heard, flashes of lights and car problems. It has 1,386 students in grades 9th through 12th. A haunted location: San Lorenzo High School -D-Hall in San Lorenzo, California. Security Maintenance Update Logins will require a 2-Factor Authentication starting from: 6/8/2020 3:30PM A password reset may not be required for all users. Most spooky however is when in the ladies room in a stall, a knocking will happen on the door when no one has entered. Leida Afanador 1973-1977. The violent souls of the Good Serpent Orphanage are still seen only in this area. also, in the girl's bathroom by the band room, feet can be seen in the stall when no one else is there and someone whispering "hi". San Lorenzo High School. It's one of the scariest places in Ohio. by Tennyson. She sealed the doors in the basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police. We're an independent nonprofit that provides parents with in-depth school quality information. Many employees have seen an older woman in the pet crematory gardening. He ran her over and killed her without noticing that the cherry stains on the tractor was actually blood. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the bridges in the area, where she disappears at the tollbooth. Apparitions, Pictures fall of the walls vending machines dispense soda on their own, cold spots & doors slam. If she can't open the doors, they can't inspect and then arrest and possibly kill the rooms of people. Things have been thrown at people, they have been pushed and screams have been heard from the people being tortured by themselves or another. Workers report being chased out by something. Later, the doors will be found wide open. Benicia Old Town Theater/ Portuguese Hall. Student Transportation Passes One of the Construction Workers came across the Painting. Questions? The young man was almost shot, though he was not arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home. The last sighting that has happened was about a year ago witnessed by 2 people who where alone in the building. The clippings go back to the turn of the 20th century, so they cover the period when the "accident" happened. Other guests claim to see lights going on and off and someone talking or crying when no one is around. At night when workers used to turn off all the games in the brake rooms (there are two of them) some of them would switch back on when turned off no one else was there to do so. There is one spat in the last theater room in the building that gets cold enough to shed ice aver your coke, when you sit there you also feel like someone is watching you. Spotted a girl in the hallway. This house was home to California's Governor (George Pardee 1903-1907).Pictures showing orb's have been taken, but no naked eye sightings. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the dark. Riding in a horse drawn carriage near the way stop of Scott's Corners, (between Pleasanton and Sunol, CA. You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. A strong cold spot on the north edge of the dance floor. One day she was playing in the fields and fell asleep while her father was working. First published on October 1, 2012 / 12:00 AM. Strange things happen when the lights go out. When in the stock room, you can hear the fitting room doors slamming shut when the area is empty. 2023-01-31T15:11:27-05:00 Preparing for the Heat as High School Sports, Other Activities Begin. "There is too much hate." Loved ones and community members joined together to call for justice for Reinhart Asuncion, who was shot and killed at an intersection in San Lorenzo a week earlier.. The vintage light fixtures will go dim and then swing back and forth for a short period of time, then stop as abruptly as it started. people also hear someone moving chains on the 3rd floor. Love scary places?Buy The '500 Scary Places' Book On Amazon now. It is said that if you are alone in the hall you can hear a knocking on the bathroom door. Using the NFHS Rules app you will be able to find out! It is fenced off, but you can find ways either under the fence or over it. Also, In the parking lot, People can see a naked guy doing the spits and disappearing into thin air. Teacher Glenna Wurm-Hayenga unpacks 15 years at San Lorenzo HIgh School. Also, in the mirror a gentleman with a decorated festive hat will be looking at you. Supposedly a depressed student who committed suicide there a long time ago. San Lorenzo High School, also known as "SLz", is a public high school located in Ashland, California, and is part of the San Lorenzo Unified School District . Many children haunt Pediatric. However, people still talk about this mysterious ghost who hangs out at the basketball courts named, "Michael T.". The description of the ghost: Prince Louis has short dark hair combed back. She reportedly haunts room 33. He apparently died there of a heart attack. She is seen in the graveyard floating. Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Down in the basement there are ropes that people used to hang themselves with. A woman in her 20's and a little girl. Ghosts of sailors who perished on board are well documented. No one really knows where he comes from or what the history of the land is or anythingthough there is a basic story that does float around. There's a police officer ghost that roams Golden Gate Park. Outside of the gated regions of the Cemetery in a woods-like area can be found dilapidated and broken graves. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities and trespassers will be prosecuted. They say that people were murdered in the room and those spirits are the ones haunting the living. As well as unaccountable cold spots. It has 716 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. Students passing by the cemetery next to the mission claim to here eerie moans and locked doors to the O'Connor building swinging open and shut. One of the employees claimed to see the young spirit sitting beside some crates with his head down, and his arms covering his knees. It is haunted by the ghost of the original owner's wife who was accidentally shot by her husband. Trespassing is a crime. The ghost of the original owner's daughter, Claudia, can be seen and heard by staff and guests. Ernest Adcock 1954-1958. People always mistake her for a woman working there. One encounter included a visitor having felt a hand on her back. The Federal Reserve Board and the economy are at a crossroads. Bishop Elementary School Morgan Territory Rd is a old logging road that was built back in the 1800's to bring wood from Santa Cruz to the Eastern Contra Costa County, the road cut thru between Livermore and Clayton, since this is a very isolated road there has been a lot that has happen on this road. The Children of Good Serpent Orphanage: During "The Bad" Children were sent from all around the World to Good Serpent Continuation School and Orphanage. An employee was killed by a dropped engine block, some employee's say he haunts the warehouse behind the shop. Right after the Royal Court painted his picture. It is said she hung her self inside one of the bathrooms behind the stage. [2] There is a woman in a trench coat, standing under an old-fashioned street lamp, that can be seen at night waiting for a ride. It's suspected that either one of three previous employees, who have died by terrible disease and suicides are the cause. San Jose State University (1857) It would push things over when she was in there alone. A premier website dedicated to documenting all haunted places. It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. In the restroom the water has been known to turn on by itself witnesses claim to even see the handle turning. it has mostly been heard by cheerleaders after a basketball game. He is said to be the ghost of a jogger that only runs at midnight. After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Reports of footsteps on the back stairs, a ball of fire that flies around, lights flashing, cold spots, & an apparition of an old woman. Legend has it, that in the early 70's a well known maintenance employee raped and killed two young high school girls in the apartments main garbage. - Big Arcade & Drop Zone There is a story of a man that haunts the big arcade over by the drop zone. Defiance County Children's Home - In operation from 1884 until 1914, the buildings of the old children's home are long gone. Submit A Place Below, The Haunted Old Town San Jaun / Train Tracks in San Juan Capistrano, California, The Haunted Mayberry Inn in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Shadow Person in Bayonne Park In Bayonne, NJ, The Haunted Pillar Of Fire in Westminster, Colorado. The people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. In 1897 Vallejo welcomed the Royals of England with a train ride through the Napa Valley. And in the Strawberry Hill/Stowe Lake area, it has been said that in the 1920's or 30's a woman became pregnant & hide the pregnancy from her family. Many have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas, accompanied with strange lights. Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. The Lady in Black is supposedly the proprietor of the establishment and haunts the nursery where her grandchildren died of cholera. Nowadays the main building of the State Hospital by night has the foreboding presence of this torture. Witnesses have seen apparitions of mangled bodies and heard children's screams below through the halls. Do you love haunted spots? Miss Lowerey became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area. A man student was shot 18 times in the head you can here him running and screaming for his life and gun shot firing. Meet Jessica Street, a content creator at Scary HQ, a blog that delves into the world of the eerie and unexplained. (the boy's name is withheld out of respect for the family). When the husband returned from Alaska and found out, he then murdered her on the beach below. The school district estimates it may cost up to $208,000 to remove "The Rebels" name in three places on the San Lorenzo High School campus by July 14. At night, or at later hours after school (when not as many people are around), people have reported seeing a figure standing by one of the stalls then vanish. Before the hotel even was a hotel, it was a school for girls since few girls had access to schools back then. it is on the right side of the road where the Zodiac supposedly wrote taunting letters to the police. The kids stayed there all night until there were no more people around. They have reported voices and a ghostly figure of a man. On the way, the bus broke down. Boys and Girls club Information about the site can be found There's even a radar-testing facility up there somewhere, complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes, mostly upside down. Said to be haunted by two ghosts that look like a couple. Juan Olmedo y Sara Gmez son dos extraos que se instalan a principios de agosto en una urbanizacin de la costa gaditana dispuestos a reiniciar sus vidas. There have been sightings of pentagrams on the floor and ceilings covered in blood. 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This old theatre houses the spirit of a young girl aged anywhere from 10 to 20 she wears a yellow dress from the eras of the thirties. This old cemetery has the atmosphere of a horror movie as years of neglect leave the antique tombstones and Mausoleums in ruins. Workers have witnessed apparitions, strange laughter, screaming, cold spots and freezer doors flying open violently along with the ejection of the contents. The ghost that inhabits this old house where there is now an office is named Julius. Poltergeist/Presence very strong in this 14 screen multiplex. Haskell House Her ghost has been known to be called the White Witch. Atlas Tube is a steel mill that is rumored to be haunted by a 1990 worker who died when he lost control of a batch of steel tubes and was crushed. Full Name Steven George Lawson Born December 28, 1950 at Oakland, CA (USA) Stats Baseball Reference Retrosheet If you can help us improve this player's biography, contact us. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property. john morgan obituary california, hanover borough police chief,

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