Afterwards, he moved to Darlington County, South Carolina. Virginia 5 Family Files and Resources, Return to Hudson Family Association State Files, Augusta County 1 [emailprotected] Notes for Mary Bowman: Richard's Children were all born in Accomack County, Virginia. They had three children before her death. Edward M'Crady. Katenen Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, Katenen Hudson, Robert Hudson, Christopher Hudson, Joan Hudson, Ales Hudson, Joan Hudson, Nicholas Huds William Hudson, Alice Hudson (born Turner), Between 1595 and 1605 - Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, Sep 12 1660 - Hungars Creek, Northampton County, Virginia Colony, Robert Hudson, William Hudson, Edward Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, Kateren Hudson, Joan Hudson, Ales Hudson, Christopher Hudson, n, The Elder Richard Hudson, Ii, Edward Hudson, William Hudson, Violetta Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, John Hudson, Charles Hudson, Hannah Harden, Apr 3 1605 - Tamsworth, Staffordshire, England, Sep 12 1660 - Hungars Creek, Accomack, Virginia, United States, Sep 12 1660 - Northampton, Virginia, United States, Apr 1605 - Saint Editha Parish, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, Sep 12 1660 - Hungers Creek, Accomack, Virginia, n, The Elder Richard Hudson, Ii, Robert Hudson, William Hudson, Violetta Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, John Hudson, Charles Hudson, Hannah Harden, Apr 3 1605 - Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, William B Hudson Ii, Alice Hudson (born Turner), Iii, Daniel Hudson, Ralph Hudson, Robert Hudson, Edward Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, Ales Hudson, Ales Hudson, Christopher Hudson, Thomas Hudson, Apr 1605 - Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, Mary Hudson, Barbara Hudson, Joane Hudson. Within six months, he entered the Transportation Department as a Flagman and Brakeman. Her father was Richard Jennings and her mother was Mary Byrd. *******. He married Sarah Love on 18 August 1789, in Augusta, Virginia, United States. John Hudson, born 1687 in Henrico Co Virginia- to Amelia Co VA by 1735.He married Annie Robinson. 1680 - 1700. iv) William Hudson, born Bet. Sincerely, John W. Hudson, Editor HFA Bulletin HUDSON Family Association 1101 Heatherwood Road Bluefield, WV 24701 ************The Story GoesHudson Generations Early Hudson ancestors are difficult to trace and hard to find. ************** 11.William6 Hudson (Richard Hudson5 Jr, Richard Sr4 Hudson, William3, Henry2, Henry1) was born 1668 in Henrico Co Virginia, and died 1701.He married Elizabeth---- Hudson. Early Wilbourns of Prince William County, Virginia. 1745 in VA. William and Elizabeth had several children. ; Son Richard Hudson, 200 acres and remainder of tract adj. Rivalry between Virginia and Maryland for the Chesapeake trade may have contributed, because other traders during this time were also having difficulties with the Marylanders. Directions: Please complete this application and email, along with other requested materials (see check Richard met his wife Mary Bowman and settled along the south branch of the James River on a tract of land known as "Roxdale" Children were Richard III (Hudsons of Amelia), Robert (Hudsons of Chesterfield), and William (Hudsons of Hanover). Rose is guardian for George Hudson (Book 9, p. 376). Their land was taken from them and sold to white people. Susannah Patrick Children of Richard Hudson and Mary Hayes are: 2i.Female5 Hudson, born 1633. Return to Hudson Family Association State Files. I have a copy of a handwritten deed from the Darlington Historical Commission, in which William Wesley Hudson signed over 700 acres of land to the heirs on the Coker side of the family. GEDCOM Source Augusta County 3 Children of Samuel Bunch and Mary R. Hudson, Rebecca Meredith Bunch b. Mary Margaret [Ffarguson] Ferguson), 4) William Hudson "Hudson's Of Hanover" (marr. (J) Hudson Wills, etc. wit George Holland, John Moor, Mary Holland, Charles Moreman, Mumford Robinson. Notes for Robert Sr Hudson: Data from: HFA bulletins21/26/27/29/50 Book: Hudson Records of VAVol 1-11-111 Records of Accomack Co VA-recs of Northampton Co Book: Hudson Immigrants & Geography of Early Settlement pg 23 Plt 1 #4 Children of Robert Hudson and Mary Hudson are: 12i.William7 Hudson. 2/2John Hudson? Augusta County 2 2 3.Richard Hudson5 Jr (Richard Sr4 Hudson, William3, Henry2, Henry1) was born 1634 in Englland orAccomack County VA, and died October 25, 1669 in Henrico County VA.He married Mary Bowman 1658 in Accomack County VA, daughter of Edward Bowman. Daniel Gaines objects to some aspects of the division, but court orders it anyway, Source: Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Virginia County Court Records: Albemarle County, Virginia Wills, 1764-1775 (McLean, VA: Antient P, 2000), Benjamin B. Weisiger, Albemarle County, Virginia Court Papers 1744-1783 (privately published, 1987, reprinted 1991). Children of Richard III and Mary Hudson NameBirthSpouse Richard Hudson IVabt 1690Martha Ward Isaac Hudson? Richard Hudson Jr, born 1634 in Englland orAccomack County VA; died October 25, 1669 in Henrico County VA. 4iii. had been mislaid or destroyed; Charles and James Hudson, two surviving sons, failed to appear when summoned; Depositions of Thomas Winn and John Ward and Ward Hudson were exhibited in court, which decided that a nuncupative will should be followed; Thomas Winn swears that since death of said Richard Hudson he saw a writing said to be the last will and testament, manor plantation to be given to son John; land called Petersfield to be give to son Charles; land between manor tract and Petersfield to give to Richard. Mary Elizabeth Jennings). Three sons of Richard II and Mary Hudson; Richard Hudson III 1660, Henrico Co, VA, Robert Hudson 1662, Henrico Co., VA, William Hudson Aug 1668, Henrico Co., VA. Hudson Family Page, posted on bulletin board by Hudson-3101 Records Shared by James Hudson 8/28/2014 Notes, The Children of Richard Hudson and Mary Bowman, 1. Account Current of estate of James Hudson, decd. We offer about 100 different products including auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, business insurance, and life insurance. 1711 in VA Note: Mary Bowman Hudson's brother, William Bowman, in his will dated July 13 1670, "devised a tract to William Hudson (and William Bowman Jr?) Dau Annamarie Hudson, negroes Paul, Patience, Nell, George, Patt; Wits: Orlando Jones, Judith Jones, Elizabeth Woodson, Francis Barber Jones; Order to summon Ann Hudson, guardian of John and Christopher Hudson, orphans of John Hudson, decd. Dewey was the oldest of three children by George Washington and Juanita Jennings. More About Richard Hudson and Mary Hayes: Marriage: 1638, England More About Richard Hudson and Barbara Jacobs: Marriage: 1652 Child of Richard Hudson and Unknown is: , Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 4, 1786-1792 (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain P. N D), . He was the father of Henry Hudson III, the explorer, and William Hudson (b. Orange County, Province of Virginia. Whatever the reason, in 1933 he packed up the family and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, supposedly to escape the curse. By 1905, he was promoted to the position of Conductor. During the Civil War, he was recruited by Captain James Culpeper on April 28, 1862. With a few exceptions most of these records are about wills. And to his son Charles BUNCH he gave 125 acres with the plantation I now live on. This partcular document-reading-error discovery now breaks the earlier assumed relationship of Richard HUDSON (husband of Mary BOWMAN) to Richard HUDSON who married (first) to Mary ?? His land was located along Richardson's Creek. 2/3William HudsonBorn about 1575 in England; married Alice Turner and became the father ofRichard Hudson I, immigrant to Virginia in 1635. He married Sarah Ann Royall. PHARES formerly lived. He married January 30, 1616 in Roxwell, Essex, England to Anna Josselyne born August 25, 1588 in Roxwell, Essex, England and died January 1653 in London, England. A group of Arlington single-family homeowners sued local lawmakers Friday over a controversial zoning change that will allow more "missing middle" housing in the Northern Virginia . Virginia 1996 Henry II would have been about 19 when William, whom we believe to be his son, was born. It reads as follows; This will was dated 30 January 1782 and was proved at a Court held at Louisa on 9 January 1783. Robert Hudson Jr, born 1685 in Henrico County VA-; died 1757 in Swift Creek,Chesterfield County VA-will dated Jan 25 1757.He married Martha Hancock 1720 in Virginia; born in VA; died Bet. For convenience, names of people in our direct descendant line are boldfaced. However, based on the recollections of his daughter, Eva Hudson Hancock, and activities of his brother John and bestfriend Richard Jennings, our family knows that George Washington Hudson served as a confederate in the Civil War. "Hudson Family Association (South) is a non-profit association of people who are working to compile the records of Hudson and Hutson families who have lived south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and to publish these records as they become available."--(T.p.). I've bought the Eastern band book entitled Cherokee Roots, which lists names of individuals living when several Cherokee census rolls were taken. Virginia Taxpayers, Etc. For 1600 pounds of tobacco Richard Hudson sold his share to his brother Robert Hudson. Richard Hudson II, son of Richard I and probably his first wife, was born 1632 in Accomack County, Virginia. To his daughter Judith BUNCH he gave 100 acres lying between Camp Creek and the creek called Found Fork that I purchased of Roger THOMPSON. He was married about 1658 to Mary Bowman and is believed to have been the first born child of Richard Hudson I and his first wife. John Hudson Internship Program Fairfax County Government Summer 2023 Please note: This is a program for college students and recent college graduates with disabilities. The witnesses to the deed were Thomas Cocke and William Cocke, Jr. Mary Hudson, wife of Richard Hudson, relinquished her dower. Samuel Hudson's Family Married 2-11-1790 Mecklenburg co.Va Children: 1. Jesse Hudson died in a hospital in Richmond, Virginia. For more information, please see the summary of Ben Hudson's report, "The Hudsons in Culpeper's Battery During the American Civil War". He married (2) Martha Briggs August 20, 1723 in Henrico County, VA.born Bef. Birth of Richard Hudson, Sr. "The Immigrant". William Hudson married Alice Turner and they had several children, one of which was Richard Hudson I, who immigrated to America. They changed their names to white-English names, so they could purchase land, work jobs, and send their children to decent schools. In many cases, and especially in Georgia and South Carolina, Cherokees hid their heritage to survive and protect their children from the scorn of society. 1653. Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly includes Bible Record of Hudson, Gilmer, Etc. 3 Born Bet. 8 The Isaac Hudson I am looking for was born 7-7-1723 in VA and died in 1724, parents Hall Hudson and Elizabeth? *Accomac is County Seat of Accomack County, Virginia. Richard Hudson II, was probably born in 1635 in Accomack County, Virginia, and he died in Henrico County, Virginia on October 25, 1669. Wm Hudson and Samuel Bunch. John apparently did not marry. Peter Fayssoux. Virginia 1 John Hudson abt 1646, Hungars Creek Mary ??? Wife (unnamed) plantation I now live on, including 200 acres and 1/3 my estate for life, then to be equally divided among all my children; Son Burton Hudson, all my land lying N/S road from Burtons Bridge to the church; Son John Hudson, land between Neals Branch and Burtons road; Son Samuel Hudson, remaining part of land between Neals Branch and 200 acres lent my wife for life; remaining estate to be equally divided among children; returned and recorded 28 Sep 1769; Wits: Edmund Booker, Obadiah Clement, Obadiah Hendrick; Execs: friend James Chappell, Edmund Booker; Wife Sarah Burton, negroes Frank, Fanney, Liddy, Stiry, Sary, and Fannys youngest child (no name) at her disposal; also negroes Toney, Ned, Will, Jem, Peter, Ben, Bob, Nan, Lucy, Judy, Dick, and Milly; Grandson Robert Hudson my land and negroes York, Prince, Abram, David, Phibb, Jenney, Betty, Julius, Patt, and Lucy. In a Henrico County deed passage dated December 1, 1688 Richard III mentions his father, Richard II, had a will of October 25, 1669, in which he gave the land he received from his father in law, Bowman, "Roxdale," equally to his three sons. Thomas Ferguson. Goodrich, Landon and Mary Carter; Landon Carter and his son James Carter, when 21; Wits: Wm Ware, Jas. Also Charles Hudson is now of full age and desires his share, but John Hudsons younger children cannot yet divide the land, and court should grant assent to the division. Your email address will not be published. George Bunch b. bt 1763 1765, d. b 1820 Execs: my ___ Hudson and James Burton, Jr. At a court held on 1 July 1765, the will of James Hudson, decd. We are the good neighbor and will provide top-tier customer . (Book 6, p. 281), David Garland is guardian of George Hudson (Book 6, p. 387), George Hudson and Henry J. Robert Moodys line and the low grounds of the creek, being part of greater patent to William Hudson on 2 Jan 1737; wits: Thomas Spencer, Edmund Booker, Jr., and John Booker. 1806) and they had several children who were step-brothers and sisters to William Wesley Hudson. In 1919 he justifiably received a Confederate Pension, at the age of 82. She had at least 2 sons and 3 daughters with David Fowler. : Allen Historical Society, 1999. 3 9.Robert Sr6 Hudson (Richard Hudson5 Jr, Richard Sr4 Hudson, William3, Henry2, Henry1) was born 1662 in Henrico County VA, and died 1757 in Chesterfield County VA.He married Mary ----- Hudson. He settled his family at Hatcher's Run, in what later became Amelia County, Virginia. For more information, see The Lee Hudson Family. These records are uninterpreted. At fifty years-old, George married his best friend's daughter when she was only sixteen -years-old on January 15, 1894. I obtained this information from the Petersburg, VA public library and from the Courthouse in Prince Edward Co., VA Post Reply | Mark Unread | Report Abuse +11iii. Marilyn Hudson Moore Descendants of Richard Sr Hudson Generation No. (Rockport, ME: Picton P, 2001). (E H) Hudson and Jno. John Floyd. Second, if a Cherokee individual chose to remain in the east they had to abide by the state and federal government laws. We believe Joakim might have had two wives. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Richard Hudson II, son of Richard I and Mary Tillman Hayes, was born in Accomack County, Virginia, about 1634, and died October 25, 1669 in Roxdale, Henrico County, Virginia. Thomas Hudson was born about 1790 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the son of Irby and Phoebe Featherstone Hudson. Friends Sarah Hudson, Ann Hudson, Elizabeth Hudson, and Margaret Hudson, all under seventeen years, except Elizabeth, daughters of Joshua Hudson, late deceased; in one line of the will Margaret is named Judson, but thats a mistake; Source: John Frederick Dorman, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds no. William and Elizabeth's eldest son, John Wesley Hudson, was born in 1837. Richard then left Henrico County for the frontier, which later became Amelia County. ******** Re: Article about Richard Hudson, Posted by: John W. Hudson Date: March 27, 2001 at 04:18:39 In Reply to: Article about Richard Hudson, by Bill Hudsonof 5080 Dear Mr. Hudson, A Northhampton County (VA) court record was misread several years ago. Robert Hudson, born 1640. 5 Sites | Robert A. Hudson was mortally wounded in the Battle of Cold Harbor and died two days later. 1630 in England.She was born Bet. Name: Samuel BUNCH Birth: 1726 in Hanover Co, Va Death: 1783 in Louisa Co, Virginia 2, 1984, p. 94 and 284 shows the name Fferguson on a deed as well as transcribed Ferguson. He is listed as a clerk, but the family says he owned a cafe. Mary Hudson and other witnesses gave oath that will of Richard Hudson, decd. 1761, d. b 18 Jun 1797 Virginia Taxpayers, Etc. ; Son James Hudson place that he has been seated on over Little Nottaway R. and 200 acres adj. Longview, Texas: Hudson Family Association (south), c1984-c1986. ), Wife Martha remainder of estate and negro man Cook (and then to Rowland), woman Aggy (and then to Richard, Execs: Samuel Ward, Richard Hudson and wife, Admin: Robert Beasley; Alexander Dacus; Daniel Hudson; John Ward, Jr.; Seth Ward; Wm Craghead; Edward Jordan; Chas. Typescript, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. Genealogical Notes [Collection] Box 16 . Based upon a March 1818 bill of Partition from his widow Sarah Hickson Hudson regarding Joakim's estate, it appears that he and Sarah had no children. 8, 1774, and proved Jan. 18, 1777, he names his sister Lucretia, brothers William, Samuel, David and James, and Williams daughter Nanny. Immediately, I contacted the Darlington County Historical Commission with my information. William Hudson1689Elizabeth Jennings Charles Hudson? assaulted him and did beat him and evilly treat him and other enormities, to damage 50. She also lost a brother and another brother-in-law who died in battle. Virginia Marriages 2 He remained very active in community activities by serving as Deacon of the Blacksburg Baptist Church, one term on the Blacksburg town council, six years on the school board, and one of the promoters of a new high school building. He was captain of his own ship, and in addition to land, his holdings included crops and livestock. Richard then left Henrico County for the frontier, which later became Amelia County. Researchers should see HFA Bulletin #113, pp.2-4 for specific documentation on this matter. Some of these instances are valid reasons of why our own family might have covered our Cherokee heritage so well, that not even we know anything about it. Virginia Taxpayers, Etc. 1630 in TamsworthStradfordshireEngland.He married (2) Mary Hayes 1632 in Accomack Co,Virginia.She was born Bet. Generation 2 1750, d. b 1820 married an Asher He married Mary (Hall?). Early Origins of the Hudson family The surname Hudson was first found in Yorkshire where one of the first records of the name was John Hudsone, Hutson who was listed in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield in 1323. When Mary Hudson was born about 1645, in Virginia, British Colonial America, her father, John Hudson, was 33 and her mother, Mary Jackson, was 25. Allen, Md. . In his will he left 15 lbs to his sister Lucrecia Meredith, 10 lbs to Nannie, the daughter of William Bunch, and the remainder to be divided among his brothers, Samuel, David and James. 4. After the death of his father, Richard and his brothers were fostered by a guardian, Thomas Pauldon. Nicholas' wife, Elizabeth Freeman, was a Quaker and Somerset County, Maryland, where they lived, was a Quaker refuge. She helped raise Papa after his natural mother died. 6 for 25 acres to farm let adj. PUBLICATION 2/2023 Department of Family Services Division of Adult and Aging Services Disability Rights and Resources . His livestock was marked by a symbol associated with the Hudson coat of arms for Henry the Alderman. Juanita is listed as "Anita" on the 1900 SC Census. Along with his new wife Richard acquired two or more stepchildren and debts three times greater than the value of her estate. John Budd. Hudson records of Virginia by Donald Claire Hart . She eventually remarried to Edward Goldman. Ben Hudson, the son of Alfred Bennie Hudson Sr., and grandson of Admiral Dewey Hudson, has spent a number of years researching our family history. It is reasonable to assume Richard was alienated from his father and other family members. MLS# 6310795. Descendants of George Washington Hudson and Emma Levinia Hicks. Samuel and his family were members of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting Quakers, Hanover Co. Virginia. Carter, Henry Brown. Thomas Heyward. 15iv. 1681 - 1734 in VA; died 1761 in Elbert (?) Virginia A-E John Hudson, born 1646. Random Ozark, Mo. Richard Hudson disliked Marylanders. Thomas Bennie Hudson on left and brother Henry Murray Hudson on right. This is something I still need to verify. ii) Christopher Hudson, born 1690 in Virginia. Wise, Bel Hubbard, Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 3, 1780-1786 (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain P, N D). Court order for James Hopkins, Henry Martin, and John Lewis allots to each of John, Charles, and Christopher and the Gaines and Burtons their share of the slaves. 5 min. Virginia Wills 1 This partition is against the Hudson brothers: Elijah, Jesse, Jacob, William and Reuben, probably sons from his first marriage. Wife Catherine Hudson and child my wife is now with; Other children: Judah Hudson, Winnifred Hudson; Wits: James Hipkings, William Broocks, Jr., Thomas Broock, Jr; Will of William Hudson, South Farnham Parish, Wits: Samuel Clayton, Wm Johnson, Richard Jones, Bond to Elizabeth Hudson and John Hudson, executors; signed Eliza. She cooked on an oil fired cooking stove and used a coal fired hot water heater. and our loyal RootsWeb community. 1 1.Richard Sr4 Hudson(William3, Henry2, Henry1) was born 1605 in Tamsworth Stradfordshire England Bapt 11/5/1608, and died September 1659 in Northampton Virginia.He married (1) MS Tilghman Bef. William-Hazel Gibbs. Although, I cannot find a name that directly relates to our family, there are some Hudsons listed on both the Eastern and Western Cherokee rolls. She was born in 1928. Edward Hudson, born 1638. Vol. If they managed to keep their land, their crops were burned and their livestock murdered. Dau Nancy Carter, wife of Griffin Carter; Execs: Martha Hudson, Wm Ware, Edmund Goodrich; Wits: Jas. Wits: Augustine Hunnicutt, William Ruffin, Mary Haswell; Source: Lyndon H. Hart, Surry County, Virginia Wills, Estate Accounts, and Inventories, 1730-1800 (Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983), Wits: John Lilley, wm Ramsey, Hannah Baker. March 31, 1756 in Chesterfield County, VA. married Mary Russell Aft. Son James to be given negro fellow when he comes of age; John Ward swears he made will in Oct 1774 and as well remembers; Ward Hudson swears to above; Wits: Thomas Winn, John Ward, Ward Hudson, Rowland, not stated as son, land and negro woman Clay, Dau Edith Ward negro girl Esabill (Isabel? Note: Samuel Bunch married Mary R. Hudson circa 1746.Samuel Bunch died 1783, Louisa County, Virginia. Wits: David Booker, Henry Ward, Parham Booker; Daus Rebecca Snelling and Mary Hudson, my youngest, Sons Richard Ward Hudson, Daniel Hudson, Benjamin Hudson, Exec: Mary Hudson and son Richard Ward Hudson, Wits: Ann Hudson, Richard Ward and George Snellings. (The following was from a newsletter produced by the Darlington County Historical Commission). Pauldon, since he was the guardian, likely took, or controlled, the land that rightfully belonged to the sons of Richard II. The fleur de leis was also the livestock mark of both Richard's sons, Henry and Nicholas, of Somerset County, Maryland. [3] The Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls of 1379 list: Johannes Hudson; Johannes Hudeson; and Adam Huddeson. Many were forced to hide in the hills and mountains of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. 3, 1701-1707 (Washington DC: privately published, 1967), Early Hudsons of Three Virginia Counties (key post), Hi Ben Hudson has compiled a very detailed, written chronological report of the experiences of John and George Hudson as they served in Culpeper's Battery. Note: His will was dated Jan. 30, 1782 and proved Jun. Since West Virginia was part of Virginia until 1863, records are included for those counties in which Hudson--Hutson residents were evident. Genealogy for Pvt. 1790 married Susannah Irby born Bet. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. Alexander Nicholas Hudson married over 400 colored couples after Emancipat Claudia Day 2/17/14 Newly Published Biggs/Hudson Genealogy shirley craft 2/28/14 Hudson Family Finder & DNA D. Gallion 12/15/12 Re: Hudson Family Finder & DNA Of the three brothers, Jesse was the only one married, leaving behind a young widow, Mary Catherine McIntosh. Albemarle Court, 9 Nov 1769, plea of Jesse Burton and wife and Daniel Gaines and wife, and Charles Hudson, an infant, by Daniel Gaines, his next friend against John and Christopher Hudson Hudson by Anne Hudson, their guardian and next friend. It is not known if "..his Girle" is his daughter or a servant, but the description in the court records is amusing. This record has been the sole data "seeming" to prove that Richard was Richard HUDSON, "Sr.", thereby allowing speculation that Richard HUDSON (Jr.? Specialties: VA-143560 We are servant-leaders to our customers, nurturing a lifelong relationship providing our services to help them achieve their goals and protect their family. Gray, Richard Ward, Robert Hudson, George Snelling; OB 15, p. 18, Will was presented 28 Sep 1780. Ann Bunch b. Hart to Hart: A Historical Record of Anthony Hart and His Family, 1755-1989. William Hudson1689Elizabeth Jennings Charles Hudson? For information, contact Karen Kelly at Karen.Kelly . : Dogwood Printing, c1996. He was known as "Papa" to the family and she was known as "Maimie". Next . 1600 - 1616 in England, and died Bef. hard Hudson, II, Girl Hudson, Robert Hudson, Nicholas Hudson, Charles Hudson, William Hudson, John Hudson, Hannah Harden, Violetta Hudson Edward Hudson, Christopher Hudson, William Hudson, III, William Hudson. Peter Joness and Thomas Elliss land on Buffalo of Great Nottoway to be divided equally; Wits: Edward Thweatt, John Crenshaw, Elizabeth (X) Crenshaw; Execs sons William and James Hudson; probated Apr 21 1749, William Hudson, planter, to James Atwood, planter; 80, 600 acres on Deep Cr., adj. William Hudson born 1528 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England Some researchers believe that our possible ancestor William was the son of this William and not the son of Henry Hudson II (below). He was born in Sumter, SC in 1901. 1626 More About Richard Hudson and Joane Tillghman: Marriage: Bef. She was born Bet. Virginia Wills 2 Anne ??? Arranged alphabetically by county (chronologically thereunder). Hudsons are found in early court records: Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690), Essential Records of a Key Orphans Court, Part 2 (1690-1739), William Hudson complains of David Wade that on 14 May 1751 in St. Annes Parish, deft. George Flagg. Thomas Bennie Hudson, was my great-grandfather and he married Mary Sue Tomlinson when she was sixteen around 1909. You may either click on the links in the Table of Contents to a particular section of interest, or scroll down the entire page. He was known as Samuel the Quaker and some of his children were disowned by the faith including, Charles, Samuel, George, Mary, Rebecca, James, and Molly. All of the children remained near Staffordshire except for the fourth child, Richard Hudson I, nicknamed, "The Immigrant". Easley, SC: Southern Historical P, 1983). Edward Rutledge. Disability Services Planning and Development in the county's Department of Family . Alfred Bennie Hudson, son of Admiral Dewey Hudson and Jessie Elvira Hickman, was born in 1922. Papa went by his middle name "Bennie" and that is how he is listed in the 1920 SC Census. Richard Hutson. 13ii. It is reasonable to assume Richard was alienated from his father and other family members. When I began researching Papa's family history, all I had to go on was a few South Carolina census records and Papa's obituary. Admins Account probably for Joshua Hudson, Jr. Small hat for Horatio Hudson; washing of Nancy Hudson for five years. The Hudson family is a rich and powerful family in The CW's 2019 Nancy Drew television series. Whatever the case may be, Richard II left Accomack in 1652 for the mainland and Henrico County, Virginia. One of the signed witnesses was Caleb Coker, in which the deed was delivered. His sons, Henry and Nicholas, were closely associated with, if not themselves, Quakers. 1758 in Hanover, Hanover County, VA. iv) Charles Hudson, born 1694 in VA; died Aft. Henry Hudson, the Alderman, possibly had a son named Henry, but the father of Henry Hudson, alleged ancestor and generation number 1 of this line, is not known.1/1. Sites ], RootsWeb is funded and supported by my son James; 4 sons William, James, Richard, and Henry Hudson my 400 acres adj. 1705, and died Aft. Eva is remembered by her family as a devout christian woman who lovingly raised eight children. Joakim Hudson (also known as Joachim), was the son of Hall Hudson, born Febuary 11, 1732/33 in Prince George County, Virginia. Second codicil: Children of Joshua, Jr. have received their legacies; wits: Isaac Rucker, Bennett Hudson, Geo Willis; Note: Joshua was son of Rush Hudson and wife Willis; Joshuas mother was later married to a Tuberville; Wits: Sherrod Bugg, Rush Hudson, Jr., and Jno. He also stated said plantation was occupied by "Thomas Poland" and subsequent to his father's will the land was swindled from them. In 1927, he moved the family from Blacksburg to Rock Hill, SC, where he built a new home at 301 Pendleton Street. Daviss book: Permelia Hudson (1850); Sally Hudson (1850); Source: Rev. The will no longer exists, due to buildings burning during the Cival War. Hudson, for Sarah Hudson (Book 4, p. 582), Guardian bond for Micajah Camden as guardian of Lucy Hudson, dau of Rewuben Hudson, decd. Note: His will was unusual in that he left land to two of his daughters. ?, and died 1774 in Halifax County, VA. vi) Phebe Hudson, born 1690 in VA; died 1760 married James Hudson; born Aft.

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