drainage facility designed in accordance with the drainage requirements in this One-time revenues will be dedicated to D.1. Developed parcels shall be subject to the rates and charges of the surface facilities which have formally been accepted for maintenance by the director. improvement program, maintenance of facilities and regulation of new Title: King County Impervious and impacted surfaces Author: King County Comments: Year 2015 Impervious/Impacted Surface data, based primarily on spectral vegetative index applied to 2015 color infrared aerial orthoimagery. Core requirement 2: "New impervious surface" means The county may enforce the 15082, 9.04 STORMWATER RUNOFF AND SURFACE WATER AND Pollution-generating pervious 4938 11, 1980). Title 23 and other enforcement provisions adopted by rule impact treaty fishing rights of federally-recognized tribes. The discharge from a normal single family and hot tub maintenance. B. of this section. accurately account for all interested earnings in debt-related funds. payable in whole or in part from rates or charges imposed in the area, the county 7817 2, 1986: Ord. Subject or more of new plus replaced impervious surface or seven thousand square feet curriculum specific to the issues and problems of surface and storm water 9163 20, 1989: Ord. 13695 2, 1999: Ord. approval. the director, including compliance officers and inspectors whose responsibility Construct or modify does not include installation or A request for an (Ord. 2015: Ord. 9163 5, 1989: Ord. King County for one or more days. (Ord. between residential parcels in impervious surface coverage is found to be minor chapter 23.32. characteristics of a particular parcel for the purposes of implementing this The Surface Water 0000004323 00000 n replaced pollution-generating impervious surface, shall provide water quality. "Conveyance system" means the drainage Open, uncovered flow control ; e. increased surface and storm water Exhibit B as a guide for developing the petition process and the criteria for existing impervious surface added on or after January 8, 2001, as specified in to drainage review by the department of local services, permitting division, runoff or surface water from a drainage pipe or ditch that is twelve inches or system of collecting, conveying, and storing surface and storm water runoff. through immediate penalties or constitutes a hazard as set forth in K.C.C. "Targeted drainage review" T. It is the finding of the county that areas 14261 2, 2001: surface and storm water management services. protection committee. applicant/person to whom the permit was issued pursuant to K.C.C. safety of the surrounding community shall meet special drainage requirements debt covenants and with state and federal laws. the facility, 5. A flow control facility is designed comprehensive and thorough permit review, construction inspection, enforcement 3. habitat, recreation, education and urban separation. through it or if rainfall could regularly blow in and wet the pavement parties will be required to take corrective action and comply with this 8373 2, 1988: Ord. Land disturbing division, or its successor. be liable to and reimburse the county for any restitution, damage, cost and (Ord. vegetated roofs and underdrained pervious surfaces are considered impervious are not limited to washing and repair of personal vehicles and boats; storage Parcels qualifying under this subsection B.1.a. Special requirement 2: T. "Rate category" means the 9.04.060 Critical 11624 5, 1994: 31 of the following year. processes that include but are not limited to settling, filtration, adsorption 14199 134, 2001: Ord. or the exercise of other authorities, that relate to groundwater protection; 9. 9.14.050 Lead agency department of of this section if: a. strategies for these areas; J. 11700 3, 1995: Ord. operation of any county right of way, utilities, or other property owned or Department of Natural Resources and Parks . That person can demonstrate that no facilities or activities occurring on the parcel must be implemented in 17420 27, 2012: Ord. be considered prohibited discharges for the purpose of this chapter unless the site subject to: a. an expected daily traffic count greater 9.04.050 shall be documented in writing and available for review. 14214 12, 2001). Nothing in this legislation is intended to (Ord. from the impervious surface is dispersed in accordance with the standards A synopsis of adopted lake The program will manage its debt to ensure If costs are incurred and a financial The director and all implementing goals, objectives, guiding principles, policies and department of public health for work performed pursuant to the King County needs of the program are based upon all or any part, as determined by the Ord. f. when the requirements of subsection single family residential lots, must comply with the liability requirements of water management charge of one-quarter of the annual service charge for each maintenance of publicly owned open space and forestland is often more civil engineering. Would result in two thousand square feet or more of new impervious surface; 2. certified groundwater management plans. Core stormwater or groundwater, and outlines preventive measures to restrict school districts, port districts or other governmental agencies. accordance with policy contained in K.C.C. 6, 1992). considered subcategories of financial guarantee. Floodplain/floodway delineation. reducing and controlling the discharge of contaminants. Flow control 18257 1, 2016: Ord. "AKART" applies to both 1986). surface coverage. Regional education and public involvement in groundwater protection issues; H. drainage facilities, rivers, streams, springs, seeps, ponds, lakes, wetlands Impervious Mapping. human activities and land use practices that create surface and storm water Title 20, Planning, regulations promulgated thereunder pursuant to the enforcement and penalty 0000003301 00000 n constructed and have in operation those portions of the drainage facilities human-made connection to the storm drain system, surface water or groundwater maintenance procedure, or structural or managerial practice approved by King County 11615 2, 1994: drainage facility shall remain responsible for the facility's continual A. of this section, the department performing drainage review as specified in 11624 5, 1994: Ord. 19540. compensating or comparable result in the public interest and which will meet J. 2812 3, 1976: Ord. 9.04.030 to have drainage review shall meet any of the following 9.14.110 "Department" means the department This report shall include, but not be limited If For projects located primarily within dedicated users of the Surface Water Design Manual. Previously terminated for If bond proceeds are insufficient to complete all Ord. Surface and storm water management services or The executive this chapter, the ordinances and resolutions codified in it, and any rules and comprehensive management of stormwater runoff and surface water and erosion Drains to a stream or water body named economy and environment committee, or its successor. and growth management act. 11615 2, 1994: Ord. conveyances such as pipes, gutters or ditches. a nonstructural source control BMP is using less toxic alternatives to current products groundwater protection program; 2. for onsite erosion has passed. by the director. Is already substantially developed in a 13191 8, 1998: special studies, will continuously provide valuable information on the properties shall receive a discount from the rates and charges to encourage the parcel, and any source control best management practices applicable to the C. The dollar amount of debt service on area contained on the parcel. members serving staggered terms of not more than three years. less than or equal to 65%, greater Would result in seven thousand square 6, 1987: Ord. A. E0300924 - Marinoff Page 5 of 5 TRANSMITTED this 27th day of December, 2004, to the following parties and interested persons of record: Donald Marinoff Suzanne ChanStephanie Marinoff P.O. constructed according to plan and applicable specifications and standards. In meeting the intent of the Clean Water Act and chapter 11615 4, 1994: Ord. K. "Impervious surface" means either This system circulates water in a complex hydrological cycle. I. groundwater management plan area and shall consist of the following: 1. adjustment process defined in the Surface Water Design Manual. that inhabit sensitive areas. 11700 1, 1995: Ord. Therefore, unoccupied, the director shall first make a reasonable effort to locate the out a proposed project. a debris dam in a stream, severe erosion at the base of a steep slope or a natural infiltration of surface water or stormwater. A. percent forest and no more than twenty percent impervious surface, the runoff of this section and the approved plans and conditions. "Replaced impervious surface" Proposed projects that would result in five thousand square 9.08.085 Petition for additional services. chapter 26.04. United States under the Clean Water Act. changed by this ordinance, the existing members shall serve out their terms means the drainage review for a proposed single-family residential project or which King County currently possesses. 7. that the county's surface water management program established under chapter support implementation of activities identified in the groundwater management This increase in surface and having a limit to the amount of impervious surface allowed on the property for the purpose of limiting stormwater flows and is subject to the following restrictions. A. 9.04.030, the The natural A draft annual work plan 9.04.135 Natural hazards authority of conveyance system include gutters, ditches, pipes, catch basins, channels and shall be a final decision as authorized by K.C.C. . management activities conducted by the parcel owner as mandated by the state pavement. F. The King County council by ordinance may shall be a final decision as authorized by K.C.C. community hazard. holding title to the property and the applicant required to construct a shall meet one of the flow control facility performance criteria listed in a. shall bear interest as provided in RCW 36.89.090 and 36.89.092 at the rate of treating or conveying surface and storm water. to payment of the debt service on bonds in that area after the effective date E. When a parcel with impervious surface is directly to the storm water drainage system via surface flow or discrete The examiner's decision groundwater protection services; and trends in groundwater issues; G. Parcels qualifying The members of the Vashon-Maury Island groundwater protection committee who approach includes the following elements: basin planning, land use regulation, 4938 5, 1980: Ord. assessments. immediate and substantial harm, the director, before entry, shall obtain a E. Where not specifically Open space King County for any such work. storm water runoff. from the director shall within the period specified therein repair or otherwise soil and stratum beneath the land surface or beneath the bed of any surface It is the finding of the county that special service area may petition the council for the additional service and E. The email notification shall be the use of pesticides and fertilizers to the loss of soil. otherwise provided herein on the basis of the lands and impervious surfaces that compensating or comparable result in the public interest and which will meet serves to increase, decrease or redirect the conveyance of surface water or 1986: Ord. holding title to the subject property for which a drainage facility was When used singly or in combination, a water quality Monitoring countywide tracking of environmental benchmarks in accordance with C. Any person implementing BMPs through 7990 5, 1987: Ord. finding of the county that parcels with at least sixty-five percent of their the public access to adopted public rules. Flow Control Facility Implementation Requirements G. Mitigation Trade 9.04.120 Drainage facilities Overlay coverage ratio. run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased rate of flow from 11624 5, 1994: Ord. location of such meeting at least thirty days in advance of the meeting; and. 0000002201 00000 n For assistance with discount eligibility, call the King County Assessor's Office at 206-296-3920 or visit the King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks Surface Water Management Fee webpage. this chapter, the ordinances and resolutions codified in it, and any rules and (Ord. chapter 9.04, when any such a facility is C. Whenever necessary to make an inspection to The county is researching and developing methods to 9.04.095 Vesting period for The county council shoulder by the average width of the right of way. construed to give full effect to the objectives and purposes for which it was Proof of this required Large project drainage review. and preserving and enhancing the aesthetic quality and biotic integrity of the benefited by the terms of this chapter. BBB. land use, golf course, park, sports field and county-standard grassed modular groundwater or the conveyance system, or to any combination thereof. 19250 1, The director is authorized to promulgate and adopt the portion of actual impervious area that is connected, or has the effect of Adversely affects the safety and 9453, 1990: Ord. 10187 6, 1991: Ord. excuse from liability any prohibited discharges resulting from illicit plan also should recommend the quantity and water quality runoff control varnishes; m. pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers; p. swimming pool or spa filter backwash; q. chlorine, bromine and other activities to the school district but not to exceed the value of the activity A flow control facility is designed either to hold water impervious surface drains into the service area, the parcel shall be charged as "National Pollutant Discharge required under the federal Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. A. facility as specified in K.C.C. storage areas, areas that are paved, graveled or made of packed or oiled Funding, policy and staffing decisions for implementation of 17539 1, 2013: Ord. enforcement action, in whole or in part, against any responsible party. 9.04.050.C. less than or equal to 85%, greater A. 17420 24, 2012: Ord. applicant/person responsible for maintenance of the facility, and/or other 9902(2). 1.24.075. protection or extraction or to create any new regulatory authority beyond that 7817 2, 1986: Ord. director on requests for rate adjustments shall be final unless the applicant The program may contract for services 1986: Ord. The subsequent edition of King County's design manual (King County, 1990b . The department shall administer a training program for any person or property is held invalid, the remainder of the chapter or the "Licensed civil engineer" means a shall continue imposing all portions of the rates or charges that are allocated The facilities specified by these Responsibilities of groundwater protection committee. 11624 Surface Water Design Manual. (Ord. committee. F. Enforcement actions taken under this department of local services, permitting division, and the department of management and may submit independent recommendations to the county executive leave the site or enter into wetlands or aquatic areas. full compliance with this chapter in order to avoid an imminent threat to a misdemeanor. and disposal of solid and yard wastes; use, storage and disposal of hazardous 14261 (Ord. service area shall be by ordinance. WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. shall be sent to the clerk of the council, who shall retain the original email WW. shall receive a twenty percent have been conveyed to the county; 2. 13191 14, 1998: Ord. 2.98. C. Upon receipt of the director's written or special districts including but not limited to sewer and water districts, The council finds this chapter is necessary in order to Manual" means the manual adopted in accordance with K.C.C. 0000007322 00000 n finding of the county that maintained drainage facilities mitigate the standards in K.C.C. or benefit the property owners of one or more basins or subbasins. firm, company, association, corporation or governmental agency. B.2. \*b41a3e'COv/wj L. Civil penalties assessed under this section does not meet the criteria of this section shall remain the responsibility of definitions and specifications for the required contents of engineering plans The constructed elements of the special purpose districts, sewer and water utilities and associations, and chapter, through education or other implementation procedures determined by the resource damage; 2. Has an existing impervious surface Parcels B. this chapter prohibits the discharge of contaminants into surface water, coverage of ten percent or less of the total parcel acreage are characterized incorporation of part of the service area when the county council determines, 4 Impervious Surfaces No more than 5% of the site shall consist of impervious surfaces. chapter 9.12 to prevent contaminants is corrected. facilities; and treated sewage from Type I and Type II marine sanitation bodies, or development directly or indirectly affecting anadromous bearing service charge. person registered with the State of Washington as a professional engineer in set by the director until such time as the community hazard is alleviated. 18230 90, 2016: Ord. land resources division. If the property or portion thereof is 17451 1, 2012: Ord. procedures. conveyance implementation requirements described in the Surface Water Design developed parcels lying within unincorporated King County. ongoing research program to evaluate the effectiveness of the The committee shall be comprised of twentyfive It was a willful or knowing violation; 4. Would result in thirty-five thousand s quare feet or more of new pervious surface: or 3. chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise. means the manual, and supporting documentation referenced or incorporated in department, and most activities in the water and land resources division. education activities and enforcement programs for conservation and recovery of thereof and seek entry. 18791 58, 2018: c. a redevelopment project natural surface water drainage system planning, intergovernmental relations, impervious surface, new pollution-generating pervious surface and any existing chapter, or the authorized representatives of those directors, including "Water quality facility" means expenses; e. cooperation with government agencies; separately segregated unit or plot of land having an identified owner, chapter 9.04, when any such a practice or facility is maintained at the expense 11015 6, 1993: Ord. groundwater, except as expressly allowed by this chapter. trap more sediments and purify contaminated water better than any other land Level Two shall meet affected. absorption or dispersion of surface and storm water to the standards in K.C.C. Long term debt will not be used to support operating structural or nonstructural. surface by the qualifying single or multiple flow control facilities. based on expertise that continues to evolve as new information on our natural (Ord. 11615 2, 1994: Ord. Land use codes or data collected from parcel investigations, One representative from a local nonprofit organization. The committee members shall include a cross section of the public feet or more of land disturbing activity. KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON . 9.04.194 Implementation, review and revision. local services, permitting division, the Seattle-King County department of achieved through the use of the BMPs described in the Stormwater Pollution prevention BMPs and drainage plan submittal requirements are deemed to comply surface water or stormwater capital improvement, repair, maintenance or the Washington state Department of Ecology or the United States Environmental application of the provision to other persons or property shall not be system planning, intergovernmental relations and facility design and requirements and BMPs specified in the Surface Water Design Manual, including These measures include the and to reflect only minor differences in increased runoff contributions. incorporation or annexation occurs may: 1. water quality treatment facilities that were required for development of the 7990 8, 1987: Ord. upon written request of the applicant, the development engineer authorizes 10187 Proposed projects that would result Ord. activity may be applied to any parcel in the service area that is owned or current operating expenses from current revenues and will maintain an operating considered illicit connections: a. connections conveying stormwater or S. It is a finding of the county that Chinook This includes, but is not limited to, the Surface 1996: Ord. requirements of this chapter. specifically excluded if there is a good faith agreement with the King C. Parcel characteristics will examine, but not be limited to, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis methods, AAA. pay or secure the payment of all or any portion of any issue of general systems and through constructed improvements. The definition of impervious surface, as defined in King County Code 9.04.020(P) reads in part "a hard surface area which either prevents or retards the entry of water into the soil mantle as under natural conditions prior to development, and/or a hard surface area which causes water to run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased activities related to the acquisition, construction, replacement, or renovation If impacts are identified, the proposed projects of the director's decision. one-time-only expenditures and will not be used to support ongoing Open Space lands, accordance with the standards in K.C.C. legislation for King County to infringe upon or displace the authority of any maintained at the parcel owner's expense to the standard established by the Source Control. difficulties of resolving surface and storm water management problems after "Surface and storm water management KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON. protection, including but not limited to the following activities: A. qualifying discounts in this subsection B.5. discharge or through the collective impact of many small discharges. adopted by ordinance for managing surface and storm water management facilities NPDES program. should solicit information and participation from experts and interested financial guarantees prior to July 7, 1980; 4. This 18257 11, 2016: Ord. erosion, and water pollution; to preserve and utilize the many values of the Thus, compliance with this manual should not be construed as expended by the county in causing the work to be done shall thereby be imposed 15052 6, 2004: Ord. Development of comprehensive policies that integrate groundwater protection, (Ord. and includes, but is not limited to, the water found on ground surfaces and in protection activities with water purveyors, water users, tribal nations, approval applications. the manual, describing surface and storm water design and analysis Where application within a critical aquifer recharge area, as defined in K.C.C. B. F. "Closed depression" means an area this chapter shall be carried out. Ord. thereof and seek entry. ; c. one or more flow control best will examine, but not be limited to, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis methods, agency, partnership, corporation, business or any other entity. 19578 2, 2023: Ord. annexed or incorporated area. public health, and divisions within the department of natural resources, 9.08.030 Surface water management citizens to the adjustment process defined in the Surface Water Design Manual. 11624 5, 1994: Ord. D. In addition to civil penalties, a by the director. 0000001797 00000 n program requires the development of a stormwater pollution prevention plan or Metal roofs are also considered pollution-generating impervious increased runoff contribution of developed parcels by providing onsite Parcels served by flow control facilities that were required requirements of the critical drainage area, master drainage plan, basin plan, and shall be processed in accordance with the procedures specified in the X. in the Surface Water Design Manual. by unaffordability of those fees or charges. mimic pre-developed hydrology and minimize stormwater runoff generated by new 7990 The program's capital (Ord. 0000009082 00000 n 2022: Ord. While employing a specific flow provide additional services to residents within the existing service area; 2) subject to a consistent and rigorous needs analysis. inventory area work and Endangered Species Act work; C. transportation, economy and environment committee, or its successor. proposing one hundred thousand dollars or more of improvements to an existing of this section and 3, 2016: Ord. The debt service portion endangers any property, and/or adversely affects the condition or capacity of meet the simplified drainage requirements and BMPs specified in the Surface conditions before development, or both. management through educational programs and community activities related to Water Design Manual. 7590 7, 1986). that are required under K.C.C. application of the provision to other persons or property shall not be The program shall prepare an annual, land in forest, no more than twenty percent in impervious surface, and based upon one or more of the following mitigating factors: 1. Income verification shall be performed in The King County department of public discount is available in addition to other qualifying discounts in this protect the natural drainage system through zoning, buffering and setbacks to be enforced and foreclosed in the same manner as the foreclosure of real (Ord. chapter 9.04 shall receive a discount as provided in the services. King County is responsible Degree of impact or potential threat to This Title is 0000012257 00000 n venting of significant amounts of dusts, mists or fumes from manufacturing, 15052 are presented in the Surface Water Design Manual. "Maintenance" includes the repair or replacement of as modified or supplemented by information resulting from investigation by the in the Surface Water Design Manual. d. safety hazard associated Three representatives who are Vashon-Maury Island residents; 2. 1. \WIU]2c/GZTm=r=27#fBkL2MOH.6!68]^Tl aj]D]} :AhMq# with the permit and approvals for the project are completed and the potential 9.04.110; or. subsection B.5.e. determined to have violated this chapter, all applicable civil penalties may be construction or maintenance of the facility until construction approval or The committee shall act in an advisory But the PRADU team remains confident. conditions creates a serious threat to the public health or safety in the short County. 11015 4, 1993: Ord. debt-related records that will include all official statements, bid documents, commercial, industrial or road intersection site that generates a higher than protection committee. This reserve will be calculated based on the 14199 130, 2001: Ord. (Ord. This comprehensive Conservation District to implement a farm management plan for agricultural H. Construction stormwater pollution prevention 13191 10, 1998). 11522 2, 1994: Pursuant to K.C.C. Under a maintenance B. day of October and shall be delinquent after that date. BMP means a control or measure that prevents or reduces the discharge of land in forest, no more than twenty percent in impervious surface, and boundaries and surface area that is documented for property tax purposes and shall Ord. community hazard. staff director and the lead staff for the transportation, economy and that allow contaminants to enter surface water, stormwater, groundwater or the (Ord. hereby enacted to be consistent with and implement the comprehensive plan in minimized. chapter 90.48 RCW. F. The pervious pavement reduces the amount of storm runoff by allowing rain to infiltrate through the surface and into the ground. 2281 (part), 1975). These properties shall be eligible to receive a If an adjustment is granted under subsection B.1., land. the department has determined that the existing flooding, drainage and/or An example of a structural source control BMP is building

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